Who We Are

Founded by a beauty-obsessed creative collective from Toronto, Canada, Voir is a collection of luxury haircare essentials designed to uplift and inspire women around the world with mindful ingredients, captivating artistry, and incredible hair days.

We're redefining what it means to be Self-Made.

We believe self-made is a state of mind. It isn’t defined by a Top 10 list ranking your worth in dollars or a title stamped on a business card. Self-made are the mothers, the makers, the women with an unrelenting will to succeed. From bright-eyed interns to big-time CEOs, globetrotting dreamers to hometown heroes, your daily achievements deserve to be celebrated. A self-made woman trusts the process—including the delays and the detours—and knows that confidence has no competition. The riches lie in the inexplicable feeling of living life on your own terms, in finding your own way, and never, ever giving up.

Self Made. Self Care. Self Love.

Beauty is an outlet for limitless self-expression and haircare is our artistic medium. Using mindful ingredients and captivating artistry, we’ve crafted an elevated haircare experience to ignite confidence and creativity so you can continue being the unstoppable self-made woman that you are.

Meet the Voir Collective

Co-Founder & CEO
Avid reader. Espresso lover. Aspiring world traveler. This daring entrepreneur has a passion for building amazing teams and meaningful companies. #ambition
Co-Founder & Head of Brand Operations
Writer. Innovator. Star gazer. This textbook scorpio and chihuahua mama was born to create something beautiful. #dreambig #makeithappen
Head of Sales
A world traveller and purveyor of all things luxe. An eye for detail and the most sought after locks. Undeniably passionate for family, friends and beauty #brightlikeadiamond #lusciouslocks
Product Development Manager
Life of the party and aspiring comedian. Loves to make people laugh, feel loose, and look great. History buff and beauty guru in one. #mustlovedogs #dancingqueen